Ballindine, Co. Mayo

May 28, 2024

Senior League 3B v Parke KC match report

Davitts 2-9  Parke Keelogues Crimlin 2-11

PKC came to Ballindine on Sunday morning and a scoring blitz in the first eight minutes of the second half that yielded 2-2 helped them to the two Senior League Div 3 points which were on offer.

After the visitors shot the first two points of the game in the opening two minutes, points from Michael Conroy and Brian Clarke followed by a Ronan McNamara goal in the seventh minute put Davitts ahead. PKC pointed in the eighth minute but Fearghal McGrath and Fionn McLoughlin did likewise for the home team in the next two minutes to put them four points ahead. PKC came more into the game in the second quarter and they shot five points before the break with Fearghal McGrath and Michael Conroy replying for Davitts, leaving them ahead by 1-6 to 0-8 at the break.

The visitors got a dream strart to the second half with goals in the 32nd and 37th minutes and two points in the 36th and 38th minute to lead by seven points. Davitts, despite this setback, battled away but a Brian Clarke point in the 44th minute was deemed wide by the neutral umpire, a decision that infuriated the Davitts players and the referee issued Brian Clarke a black card for his protests. Michael Conroy was issued another black card three minutes later and a PKC player received a second yellow card in the 50th minute as the referee flexed his muscles.

The Davitts team kept plugging away and points from Fearghal McGrath in the 51st minute and two from Keith Prendergast in the 53rd and 54th minutes narrowed the deficit to four points (one of those points was signalled wide by the afore-mentioned umpire but this time his error was rectified by the ref and the score stood). PKC lifted the siege with a 59th minute point but Donie Ronayne got on the end of a great Davitts move in the 61st minute to fire home a goal but there wasn’t enough time to rescue the game as the final whistle was blown thirty seconds later.

Davitts had good performances from Patrick Keadin, Brian Birmingham, John Kilkenny, Fionn McLoughlin, Brian Clarke and Fearghal McGrath on a day when luck certainly was not on their side.

Davitts: Tristan Diskin, Patrick Keadin, Fionnan Gallagher, Brian Birmingham, Brian Og McTigue, Thomas Ronayne, Michael Hett, Mark Birmingham, John Kilkenny, Davey Hennessy, Fionn McLoughlin (0-1), Brian Clarke (0-1), Fearghal McGrath (0-3), Ronan McNamara (1-0), Michael Conroy (0-2). Subs used: Stephen Nyland, Sean Keadin, Donie Ronayne (1-0), Keith Prendergast (0-2), Colm Roche.

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