Ballindine, Co. Mayo

December 29, 2012

Player profile – The Hopper

Player profile - The Hopper

Pat “Hopper” Hopkins

Age 30

Height 6’1”

Weight 10st

Hopper is a fitness fanatic who excels at a number of sports including soccer, tag rugby, cricket, badminton (not the one with horses) and cycling (as seen here sporting all all the essential bits of kit to rival the pros). He plays in the forwardline for the junior team when he’s not on holidays so unfortunately he misses a lot of games over the course of a season. Hopper has suffered a number of career threatening injuries and has grown very fond of Fitzy’s ice bath (not Smirnoff Ice). Pat is a great clubman and the man to contact if you are on the lookout for advice on a foreign holiday.

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