Ballindine, Co. Mayo

February 10, 2012

Parish Pride

This poem is from Helen Corr & all those from Irishtown & Ballindine who are away at present and can’t be there on Sunday.

Parish Pride by Helen Corr Endall

The weekend has come

To show our pride

Lads of the Parish

We’re all on ye’re side

When ye hit Croke Park

Just do ye’re stuff

We know ye can do it

Ye really are tough

From Sydney to San Fran

From London to the North

Melbourne & Dubai

Even New York

We can’t all be there

But just do ye’re best

And thanks to technology

We’ll tune into Mid West

And always remember

No matter the call

It’s all for one

And one for all

At the end of the day

No matter where we roam

We’ll always be proud

To call Davitts our home

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