Ballindine, Co. Mayo

October 2, 2013

Last Man Standing – weekend wipeout

The first week of fixtures in the Last Man Standing competition saw 17 / 26 contestants eliminated! The majority of fallers picked Man Utd to win. With only 9 people remaining, this round of the competition could be over much sooner than expected.
Although living on the opposite side of the plant, Frankie Barrett still obviously has his finger on the pulse of the Premier League, having shrewdly selected Southampton to win last weekend. Having recently returning from Oz, Kevin ‘Pups’ Daly didn’t do as well, however! County stars Mike Conroy and Boyler had mixed fortunes; Conroy has been eliminated after banking on Man Utd, but Boyler is still standing after picking Everton to beat Newcastle.
Click link below for the full up-to-date list of standings.

For the contestants still standing, the next round of fixtures will be posted shortly.

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