Ballindine, Co. Mayo

July 1, 2013

GAA Respect Initiative

The GAA Respect Initiative aims to promote positive behaviour and to ensure that an enriching environment is provided for the promotion and development of Gaelic Games. This includes respect for and from all participants on and around the field.

What is involved?

  • Implementing the Code of Behaviour
  • Coach & Referee Education (Young Whistlers)
  • Designated Spectators` Area
  • Go Games Programme
  • Strong Club Leadership
  • Respect Awareness Programme
  • Education Programme
  • Recognition and Merit Awards

How does it work?

  • Players and coaches line up behind their manager before and after the game to shake hands with the referee, opposing players and coaches
  • Referees communicate decisions to players in an effective manner
  • A merit award – based on sporting endeavour and fair play – is awarded to players/teams at the end of each season/blitz
  • Supporters remain in designated areas at the side of the pitch for the full duration of each game.
  • Each unit must strive to achieve maximum participation for all players
  • Referees to be welcomed to the GAA Club.

A Checklist for Behaviour

  • Responsible
  • Encouraging
  • Supportive
  • Positive
  • Enabling
  • Considerate
  • Tolerant

Managing Players

The referee will work with the captain and coaches to manage the game effectively. Referees will control the game by applying the rules of the game and by dealing with any instances of dissent firmly. In the event of a player using foul language or behaving in an unsporting manner it is recommended that:

  • A free is awarded to the opposition and the player is informed that he will be asked to leave the game in the event of repeat behaviour.
  • In the event of repeated abusive language or unsporting behaviour, the referee instructs the coach to replace the offending player and the game is re-commenced after this.

Managing the Sideline

In the event of a person – other than a player – using foul language or behaving in an unsporting manner it is recommended that:

  • The matter is brought to the attention of the designated team representative
  • The representative reminds the person concerned of his/her responsibilities
  • Where the behaviour continues, the game may be terminated
  • A full report is provided by the referee to the committee with responsibility for the fixture.
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