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Month: January 2024

January 30, 2024

Bord Na nΓ“g announcement

Last week we invited all of the children in Irishtown and Ballindine National schools to suggest what the name of our new youth academy is going to be. And they most certainly did not disappoint!
The sheer variety and inventiveness of the suggestions made the selection process quite a tricky task.
After first shortlisting the entries, a subsequent vote by the Bord na n-Γ“g committee and consultation with our Senior committee, we are thrilled to announce the name for our new Youth Academy:
Thank you to all the boys and girls who gave us such super suggestions (even the one or two mischievous proposals from children with parents that are affiliated to our neighbouring clubs, which was to be expected and which gave us a good laugh 😊).
Now that the Academy name has been confirmed, we will be asking for the children’s input once more to help us design a logo for The Davitts Dragons!
This Monday (29th Jan), entry sheets will once again be distributed in both National schools, and the children will have an opportunity to express their creativity and artistic talents.
The sheets will be collected on Thursday 01st Feb, which will allow plenty of time for the children (and any parents that want to partake) to have a think about what a logo (or what aspects of a logo) for The Davitts Dragons might potentially look like.
We are really, really looking forward to seeing what ideas come back to us at the end of the week…so, get ready to channel your inner Michealangelo (Stephens?), Picasso (Kilkenny?) or Rembrandt (Treacy?) 🎨 πŸ–Œ
January 22, 2024

Bord Na nΓ“g announcement

The Davitts Bord na n-Γ“g committee have an exciting announcement to make for the upcoming season.
2024 will be the inaugural year for a new youth academy, which will focus on the U-6 up to and including the U-12 groups.
Over the next two weeks, we will work with Irishtown and Ballindine National Schools to involve all the children in the parish that play for these age groups.
We believe the children should have a part to play in helping to select a name for the youth academy AND also in the design of a new logo!
This coming week, entry forms will be distributed to classes in both schools to give all children the option to suggest a name for the new youth academy. All entries will be reviewed and shortlisted before a vote by the Bord na n-Γ“g committe to decide on the new name, which will then be announced.
The following week things will move up a gear, as all children will again be given an opportunity to design a logo that is reflective of the new academy name!
Again, entries will be shortlisted and proceed to a vote by the committee to rubber stamp the final design.
Entry forms for name suggestions will be distributed on Monday 22nd Jan and collected Thursday 25th Jan. The new name will be announced Sunday 28th Jan. ✍️
Entry forms for the logo designs be distributed Monday 29th Jan and collected Thursday 01st Feb. The selected design will then be digitalised and publicised in the month of Feb. 🎨
Whilst some ideas for names and designs have already been suggested by Bord na n-Γ“g committee members, the aim of this initiative is to demonstrate our committment from Day 1 to foster and encourage fun and participation in addition to harnessing the talent and creativity that we know our children possess in spades.
We want the children to be proud to be a part of this academy, and we believe that involving them in such fundamental aspects as the naming and designing of the logo is an important first step toward this aim.
It is important to note that our beautiful Club Crest that has been proudly worn by all our teams since its inception is still the one and only official club crest. We feel that the academy logo will create a stronger sense of belonging and a sense of pride amongst our youngest players until such time that they are old enough to understand and appreciate what the official Davitts GAA Club crest signifies.
We hope all children (and parents if desired πŸ™‚) get stuck in and have fun over the coming weeks! We truly are looking forward to seeing everybody’s ideas! πŸ’‘ ✍️ 🎨 πŸ”΄βš«οΈ
January 8, 2024

Membership 2024

Club Membership is now due.
Croke Park membership/insurance dates changed last Febuary 2023. It now runs from January 1st to December 31st yearly.
There are various membership options available on the Foireann website, www.foireann.ie which we have all used over the last few years to pay for our membership.
The cost/fees have remained the same this year, however please read each membership option carefully and only choose the one suitable to you and/or your family.
A separate Gym ADD-ON option (€100) is still available to members who wish to use the gym, however membership with Davitts GAA is required to avail of the €100.00 add on option.
Please not that use of the gym is subject to availability. Team gym sessions will always have priority.
Any issues with registration please contact Barbara on 083 8576936.
Please note that no-one is insured to avail of any of Davitts GAA facilities/activities untill 2024 membership has been paid.
If you need help in renewing your membership please come to the clubhouse on Fri 2nd Feb from 8.30pm – 9pm.

January 6, 2024

Ireland Lights Up

The GAA’s popular β€˜Ireland Lights Up’ initiative returns in January 2024 in partnership with RTE’s Operation Transformation, Get Ireland Walking and the Irish Life β€œMy Life” app.

β€˜Ireland Lights Up’ encourages GAA clubs across the 32 counties to light up and bring communities together to walk and talk in a safe environment during the dark winter evenings. The Davitts Walking group will start on Wednesday January 10th from 7pm-8pm at the walking track around the pitch Davitts GAA clubhouse.

The aim is to make exercise more accessible on the dark winter nights and to offer local communities an opportunity to get together and socialise in a healthy way. If you require any details please contact Gemma O’Neill 087-9652646 or Anne Marie Kelly 086-1668668.

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